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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Engine Spotter's Jigsaws

This post, 19th March 2013 and the first for some time, (apologies if you are a follower) comprises four pictures, showing two jigsaw puzzles and their boxes, an unusual diversion for me. 
The two jigsaws pictured are from the Tower Press Engine Spotter's Series of six, 200 piece examples. The quality of the puzzles is not of the higher standard of other Tower Press puzzles with the poor quality repeated in the box manufacture. The boxes clearly indicate the main purpose of manufacturing the puzzles - to assist train spotters with the correct identification of steam locomotives. The printed description on each box reads "Famous Engines in Authentic Detail".
The first jigsaw is titled Midland Region Class 7P. 4.6.2. 'Pacific' type. No.46255 City of Hereford. The class of thirty-eight was the brainchild of Sir William Stanier of the LMS and was constructed at Crewe over an eleven year period, originating in 1937. The locomotive is 'dressed' in BR 'Express Passenger Blue', a livery carried for variable lengths of time by twenty-seven members of the class, from c1949. The power class of these 'Pacifics' was later revised by BR to '8P'.

The second jigsaw is titled Western Region "King" Class. 4.6.0. type. No.6000 "King George V". The class of thirty-one 'Kings' was designed by Charles Collett and initially power-classed as 'Special', later revised to '8P' by BR. This engine is also shown in BR 'Express Passenger Blue', a livery short-lived on the Western Region of BR. Artistic renditions of this locomotive have been extensively used by jigsaw manufacturers over many years, a trend started by the Chad Valley Company in 1928.