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Sunday, 16 October 2016


I've described many jigsaws in this blog featuring railway stations, a very popular genre in steam railway art. In this post, 16th October 2016, I am showing  two more.

The first picture shows the Gibsons 1000-piece puzzle, from the 'Heritage' range, titled King Edward I at Bewdley. The latter in one of the most famous stations on the UK's Preserved Railways. Locomotive No.6024 King Edward I, on the right of the jigsaw picture is one of the Great Western Railways' class of giant 4-6-0's designed by the Chief Mechanical Engineer, Charles Collett. The artwork is by one of my favourite artists, John Austin. The locomotive is heading a passenger train out of the station with another engine, an 0-6-0 pannier tank No.5764 held at the signals on the left. This locomotive was also designed by Charles Collett who modernised the magnificent fleet of locomotives of 0-6-0, 4-6-0 and 2-6-2 wheel configuration, designed by his predecessor, George Jackson Churchward. Bewdley Station can be found on the Severn Valley Railway which runs from Bridgnorth to Kidderminster.

The second photograph shows a 500-piece jigsaw from Waddingtons titled Bank Holiday. The station is a country station or 'Halt', much smaller than Bewdley, featured above. In the artwork, the mass of people who have arrived at the 'Halt' are enjoying a carnival-type atmosphere with a tea party, vintage cars and a horse drawn grocer's cart to the fore in a very busy composition. The locomotive at the 'Halt' is one of the '14xx' class of small, 0-4-2T 'push and go' locomotives, common on suburban GWR lines; another of Charles Collett's improved designs. The locomotive in the picture is No.1453. The focal point is Polly's Tea Rooms, an impressive thatched cottage on the left of the picture. The artist is not known to me.