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Friday, 13 December 2019

Spot the Difference....

Today's post, 13 December 2019,  features a puzzle from one of my favourite companies - House of Puzzles - based in Invergordon. It is a 1000-piece example from their 'Spot the Difference' range and includes the obligatory (for this blog), steam train. The jigsaw title is Ready to Roll. There are 15 differences between the box and jigsaw pictures. It's difficult switching between screens when you have downloaded the blog pics, but try and find the differences; some are quite obvious.

Several passengers are included in Keith Stapleton's picture. Some are boarding the train on the left, some are just hanging around whilst others are slightly visible in the first carriage of the train about to leave the station. There is plenty of colour throughout. Three children, a dog, luggage trolleys, cases, baskets, guard, porter, engine driver and two trains are prominent, in a 'busy' composition. Summer holidays, is the likely theme. The locomotive heading the train and 'ready to roll', is one of William Stanier's rebuilt 'Royal Scot' class of 4-6-0 wheel configuration.

Although the locomotive appears to be a rebuilt Royal Scot locomotive bearing number 46106 in the jigsaw picture, No.46106 was named Gordon Highlander; but there does not appear to be a name-plate on the engine in the painting. The same locomotive was the only 'Scot' to retain straight BR smoke deflectors.