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Friday, 19 April 2019

Clementoni panorama

Today's jigsaw, 19 April 2019, is a 1000-piece Clementoni example cut into a large panoramic letterbox shape and titled Towards Dartmoor.

In Peter Webster's artwork two small passenger trains are shown in a two-line country station, (South Devon?) hauled by an 0-6-0 pannier tank, in reverse, (right) and possibly, a small 2-6-2 Prairie tank (left). The  pannier tank  headed train is signalled to leave the station; the second train appears to be stationary. A half cab, single-deck bus is pictured in the forecourt, with two cars of similar vintage. Several passengers are distributed throughout the composition.

It is a large, imposing jigsaw puzzle which attracted many admiring glances whilst on show on my dining room table, for a couple of days, following completion. Clementoni is an Italian company: input Clementoni into the search bar to see other steam train jigsaws from this company.