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Sunday, 28 February 2016

A Boxed Pair from Gibsons

Today's post 28th February 2016, comprises two pictures, each showing a jigsaw from the same box under the appropriate title, Working Together. The manufacturer is Gibsons and the artist in both cases, is Barry Freeman.

The first (left) is individually titled Castle Country and comprises 500 pieces. The location is Churston Station on what is now, the preserved Dartmouth Steam Railway. Heading the 'Torbay Express' to Paddington, following a short stop at the station, is ex GWR 'Castle' class 4-6-0 of Charles Collett, No.5011 Tintagel Castle. To the left, ex GWR,'1400' class 0-4-2 tank engine, No.1470, also designed by Collett, is pictured with an auto-coach, ready for branch line duty to Brixham, on the coast. Also in the composition is a roofed footbridge, some human interest and the picturesque Devon countryside.

The second jigsaw in the pairing is another 500-piece example; this one is titled West Somerset Steam. The location is Blue Anchor station and signal box on the now preserved, West Somerset Railway.  An ex Somerset & Dorset Railway class '7F' 2-8-2, No.88, in the famous blue livery, is pictured heading a passenger service to Bishops Lydeard. Waiting in the station loop is a  '4500' class 'Prairie' tank 2-6-2, No.44561, with another passenger service, bound for Minehead. Also in the picture is Blue Anchor Bay with its long sandy beach, a level crossing and a pair of young trainspotters; the signal box also controls the crossing. The designer of the ex GWR small prairie was George Jackson Churchward; the designer of the S&DJR class '7F' (for the Midland Railway, previously) was Henry Fowler.

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Two 'Panoramic' Jigsaws from Gibsons.

Today's post, 13th February 2016, comprises two pictures of jigsaws, each made in a 'panoramic' format.

Gibsons are a major player in the steam railway jigsaw market and I have chosen two examples from my collection showing steam trains in totally different locations.

A football match is an interesting and unusual component in the Gibsons’ 636-piece ‘Panoramic’ jigsaw titled Final Whistle. Malcolm Root’s artwork features an early 1950’s railway, sharing the composition with a small football stadium where a match is in progress. In the foreground an 0-6-0 tender locomotive trundles by, heading a short freight train with the driver and fireman, no doubt, watching the game. The engine is an ex LNER ‘J15’ class, No.65465, originally one of J. Holden’s ‘Y14’ class built in 1912, for the GER (Great Eastern Railway). The details of the stadium, fact or fiction, are unknown to me.

The second picture features another puzzle from the same Gibsons' series, titled Sunshine and Steam. The artwork is by Philip Hawkins. An ex GWR 'King' class 4-6-0 No.6023 King Edward II heads the famous 'Cornish Riviera Express' through Dawlish, on the return to Paddington. The location is the promenade with Kennaway Tunnel as the backdrop. Holidaymakers are enjoying the view from several vantage points in the jigsaw picture. The era is British Railways, probably late 1950's. The giant 4-6-0 locomotive is one of three, from an original class of 30, in preservation. Do you remember the huge storm that destroyed a nearby section of line in 2014?