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Sunday, 19 March 2017

A Boxed Pair from Ravensburger.

In today's post, 19th March 2017, I am featuring two 500-piece jigsaws from German manufacturer Ravensburger, retailed in a single box. Both replicate the superb artwork of George Heiron.

The first, titled The Golden Arrow, shows a 4-6-2 locomotive designed by Southern Railway's Oliver Bulleid. The inaugural 4-6-2 built for the Southern Railway, No.21C1 Channel Packet (later renumbered 35001), was built in 1941 with the remaining 29 members of the 'Merchant Navy' class following,  up to 1949. In the latter year  the SR was an integral part of British Railways (1948). The locomotive was re-built under BR in 1959. Heiron's painting shows the UK and French flags above the buffer beam and number plate, with the famous headboard to the fore. The arrows on the side panels were also a feature of this luxury Pullman service. Passengers boarded the train at London's Victoria Station and alighted at Dover, where they caught the SR Ferry, S.S. Canterbury, to Calais. Here, passengers were transferred to the French equivalent of The Golden Arrow, called La Fleche d'Or  - destination, Paris.

Las Fleche d'Or is also the title of the second jigsaw puzzle. The luxury express is pictured about to leave La Gare du Nord station in Paris with passengers destined for Calais and the reverse, sea and land journey, to Victoria Station.

If you are interested in buying any of the puzzles you have seen on this blog I am now in a process of downsizing my collection and some of my 400 puzzles must go. The process has already started and several have been sold privately, or on Ebay. Let me know of any you may be interested in by email (address above).