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Saturday, 23 July 2016

A Classic Trio

Three jigsaw puzzles from Classic Deluxe are featured in today's post, 23rd July 2016. All three are based on artwork by Peter Webster  -  visit

The first picture shows the 500-piece jigsaw titled Saint at Radley. The 'Saint' class of 4-6-0 locomotives was of considerable influence on future locomotive design in the UK as was the engineer responsible, George Jackson Churchward. The locomotive in the jigsaw picture is No.2945 Hillingdon Court built in 1912 and withdrawn from service in 1953.  In the jigsaw picture, the loco is heading a passenger train of chocolate and cream carriages, just leaving or passing through the Oxfordshire station, with a second passenger service stationary in the adjacent platform. A Scammel Scarab three-wheeled tractor unit (introduced in 1948) is visible in the background, in BR colours. Other road vehicles, a footbridge and freight wagons add to the pictorial composition. No 'Saints' are preserved but an example is currently under construction from parts of other locos and new, components.'Reading' the picture throws up a possible anomaly - the loco tender is showing the later BR logo (nicknamed 'ferret and dartboard') which was used by BR from ~1956, two years after the last 'Saint' was scrapped. If anyone can shed any light on this, please get in touch.

The second photograph features a 1000-piece jigsaw titled Leaving Coombe Junction. A 2-6-2 Prairie Tank of the '4500' class, is pictured passing a signal box positioned by a level crossing. The loco, No. 456'x'  is sporting GWR livery and the coaches are in GWR chocolate and cream livery.   A local sheep farmer is leading his small flock down a line-side path, helped by his dog. A small signal gantry and a large viaduct (Moorswater Viaduct?) add to Webster's composition. Several pictures of the last days of steam at Coombe Junction (1961) are readily accessed on the internet.

The final picture shows another 1000-piece puzzle titled Morning Service. The title implies an early train and a morning service in a line-side church. The locomotive hauling a short goods train is a 'Dean Goods' or 0-6-0 tender locomotive possibly, No.2546 - the class of 260 was built between 1883 and 1899 as the '2301' class. A single member of the class, No.2516, is preserved at Swindon Steam Museum. A horse-drawn open carriage on a dirt path, between the single line and the church, add to the composition.  The inclusion of two people in the carriage, three children pond dipping and the church vicar add human interest and scale. The location in the artwork is not known to me - can anyone help?