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Friday, 22 March 2019

Snow Day

Today, 22 March 2019, I am describing a W.H.Smith jigsaw puzzle comprising the obligatory steam train among several winter village cameos.


The jigsaw, titled Snow Day, is of 500 pieces and features the illustrative artwork of Trevor Mitchell. A Great Western Railway (GWR) prairie tank locomotive is shown passing over a level crossing. The date is possibly the mid 1940's as the GWR became the Western Region of British Railways from 1948.There are lots of cameos in Trevor's composition including a mum having a snowball fight with her children, a man with a horse and cart, the latter being used to carry a large Christmas tree, and four old cars. A garage and cycle shop add to the busy scene, with a signal box and a church in the background. Several people and two dogs add human and pet interest to the picture and a light covering of snow adds that special ingredient to the mix.