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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

BR Blue Livery

The British Railways (BR) period of 1948-1968 heralded a set of new, standard liveries for steam locomotives including Caledonian Blue, lined with black and white, for the larger express passenger examples. The livery was short-lived, on quality/cost grounds, and had been replaced with Brunswick Green on many locomotives by 1952.  Nevertheless, the blue livery was attractive, accepted by many enthusiasts and popular with railway artists. Two examples of locomotives in BR express blue livery are shown in today's post, (1st February 2011) pictured on jigsaw puzzles from Valentines and Good Companion.

Picture number one shows a wooden puzzle of 80 pieces from Scottish manufacturer, Valentines. The picture is somewhat of an enigma, however, as a Gresley class 'A1' appears to be portrayed, in blue livery, with a Gresley class 'A4' number on the smokebox door. The BR number 60014 (LNER 2509) was attributed to 'A4' class locomotive Silver Link and not to an 'A1' (unless anyone can tell me otherwise). The picture shows the locomotive with a rake of BR carmine and cream coaches in a rural location. The artist is not known to me.

A Good Companion jigsaw of 400 pieces is pictured next and is far easier to 'read' than the previous puzzle. The Fowler 'Royal Scot' class 4-6-0, No. 46132 The King's Regiment - Liverpool, is shown heading BR coaching stock. The train is exiting a tunnel in a rural setting, as favoured by some artists. The original artwork was by T. E. North.