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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

More Montages

For today, 5th March 2011, I am using two pics of jigsaws featuring montage type illustrations.  Locomotives great and small in BR and pre-BR liveries are shown within a cocktail of railway paraphernalia - signs, signals, station names, engineers, staff, drawings, infrastructure, locomotive headboards, rolling stock etc. I have used two simple montage jigsaws, each comprising four photographs, in a previous 11th January post, but these two are more impressive in my opinion

The first pic shows a 1000-piece puzzle from House of Puzzles titled All Change. The artwork is by Peter Annable. Like some other artists featured on this blog Peter is a member of the Guild of Railway Artists (GRA)**.

Tony Hunt RI is responsible for the original artwork reproduced by Citadel for the jigsaw The Age of Steam Trains. The puzzle is of 1000 pieces.
**The GRA website is a must for lovers of railway art, a huge collection of fantastic pictures in varying styles and mediums by over fifty artists; go to and be amazed.