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Sunday, 22 May 2011

Steam and Winter Snow

I have used some pictures of jigsaws featuring steam trains and winter snow previously, and the two in today's post, 22nd May 2011, are equally as good in my opinion.

The first shot depicts a 500-piece jigsaw from the 1980 Age of Steam series by Arrow Games, titled LMS Princess Alice. Stanier 'Princess Coronation' class 'Pacific', No.6223 Princess Alice, is shown in LMS blue and silver 'Coronation Scot' livery with corresponding streamlining. The coaches are LMS maroon ('crimson lake'), unfortunately, and not matching 'Coronation Scot' blue and silver examples. The setting is winter snow which adds a pleasing, pictorial ambience to the painting/jigsaw picture; the artist is not named, however.

The second pic shows a W.H. Smith 500-piece jigsaw titled Nearly Home. The original artwork is by Kevin Walsh. A passenger train headed by a 'Castle' class 4-6-0 locomotive, waits in a station. Several passengers are exiting the station. Some are clutching wrapped presents, some are approaching a waiting 1934 Austin LL (Low Loader) Taxi, some are walking away and others are stood chatting. A decorated Christmas tree is just visible in the brightly lit station waiting room and a  light covering of snow enhances this December scene.