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Monday, 21 April 2014

Two Royal Scot class Locomotives

In today's post, 21st April 2014, two pictures are used both showing 'Royal Scot' class locomotives of (Sir) Henry Fowler and the LMS (London Midland and Scottish Railway).

The first photograph shows a jigsaw of a 'Royal Scot' locomotive in a station setting with vintage commercial vehicles in the background. The class 'prototype' No.6100 Royal Scot  is shown in early guise with parallel boiler and full LMS red livery. The class of  4-6-0s emerged onto LMS metals (track) from 1927 and totalled 70 on completion. The 'locomotive' was sent to America in 1933 as a British exhibit at the Century of Progress Exposition in Chicago; in fact the locomotive sent was actually No.6152 The King's Dragoon Guardsman masquerading as No.6100 Royal Scot. No.6152 had been built later (1930) and was considered superior to the prototype. A complete train was sent to the States which toured America and Canada either side of the exhibition. The locomotive was returned to the UK with special commemorative plates positioned below the nameplates. The jigsaw is a recent 48-piece example from JL Templates  - and is regularly available on ebay.

This picture shows a rebuilt 'Royal Scot' locomotive as designed by (Sir) William Stanier, No.46112 Sherwood Forester. The jigsaw depicted is a 500-piece puzzle made by JR Puzzles from original artwork by Edgar Hodges. The 'Thames-Clyde Express' first ran in 1927 from London St Pancras to Glasgow St Enoch (Glasgow Central on closure of St Enoch in 1966) along the Settle & Carlisle, ex Midland Railway route. It was withdrawn for ten years from 1939, reinstated, and completely withdrawn in 1975.