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Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Two Vertical Jigsaw Puzzles

Today's post, 29 March 2018, features two jigsaws produced by the same company but under different  names.

The first picture shows a 600-piece jigsaw from Sovereign Publications  (Cambridgeshire; est. c1983), in the vertical format, and titled MR 0-6-0 No.43924. The Fowler, 0-6-0 tender locomotive was built for the Midland Railway at Derby Works in 1920. Her claim to fame is that she was the first, of  over 200 locomotives, to be rescued from the famous Barry Scrapyard, in 1968. She was purchased from the original group of enthusiasts by the  Keighley & Worth Valley Railway in 1990. Following a huge overhaul in 2011, she has been a regular performer on the railway. The photographer is not named.

The second picture features a 750-piece jigsaw in the vertical format, from Moat House Products (Cambridgeshire; est c1995). Both jigsaws in this post, and their boxes, show incredible similarities. This is hardly surprising as they were from the same company - just different brand names. This puzzle is titled Ivatt class 2, 2-6-0 No.46443. The locomotive was built by BR at Crewe in 1950, and finally purchased by the Severn Valley Railway in 1972, two years after appearing at the SVR Opening Event. She is currently awaiting overhaul in the Engine House at Highley. The jigsaw picture shows the Oldbury Viaduct and Daniel's Mill, one of the scenic views from the SVR. The photographer is not named.